How can I increase the traffic on my website?

The Ultimate Free FB Traffic Strategy you should be using right now.

Introduction To This Strategy

This is an introduction into a free traffic strategy that I use every single day to generate traffic at no financial cost. It’s free and I want to share this with you.

It will cost you time and you will need to put some effort into this consistently everyday.

Do this and stay committed and you will see results.

When you are discussing the actual FB strategy, you don’t ever need to talk about results you do or don’t have. That is not what you are trying to accomplish here, what you are trying to give someone is a way for people to get targeted traffic looking at their affiliate links.

Which is why i say, make sure you are using this strategy, and you are comfortable knowing that you can get targeted traffic looking at your own affiliate links.

Remember — if you don’t have results, then don’t claim results — be specific on what you are trying to achieve with people. Also, ONLY create and use this if you actually use this strategy in your business.

Phase 1 — Find Your Audience

Go into niche related private Groups on Facebook (example — if your niche is Affiliate Marketing/Digital Business, then seek out groups that are related to Affiliate Marketing and Digital Business).

Join the private groups. Please note — settling for public groups isn’t advisable as you will experience a lot of spam in those groups.

BIG TIP — The rabbit hole of groups to find is endless. Keep searching, and you will keep finding absolute gems of groups to join. Additionally, look at influencer pages and profiles too!

Phase 2 — The 3 Strategies

When in these groups, you have up to three different strategies to deploy in order to generate your traffic.

1. Cold Strategy — The Numbers One — In this strategy, i go to the members section of the groups, and i add in total, 25 people a day (no more).

2. Warm Strategy — The Helpful One — In this strategy, you will seek out people in these groups who are actively asking for help, that you know you can help and give value to, in the form of a comment back to their post. This strategy requires you to just help, no pitching in any way at all. When you find people respond positively to your comment/s, then add them.

3. Warm Strategy — The Authority One — In this strategy, you yourself will post in these groups (pick one or two a day to post in), with the sole purpose of giving value. Maybe sharing a struggle, something you’ve overcome etc. Above all, this again is ALL about helping people, so no pitching or self promotion AT ALL. Again, when

you find people responding positively to you, you may add them.

Phase 3 — The Value Giver

When you add people, you can also simply drop them a very gentle message, letting the person know where you found them, and a question to help ignite the conversation, but DO NOT drop a link or ask someone if they are interested in what you have to promote.

“Hey (insert name), i found you in the (insert group name) group….I take it you are a fellow (insert niche title) too?” — works really well as an initial question.

When into a conversation, then this is where you find out as much about the person as possible. This is the point where you want to qualify them as a person that you can help.

It’s not about you, it is about them.

So as a few examples, ask them:

How long have you been doing (insert niche)?
How have you been finding it so far?
What are you currently promoting at the moment? (if in the affiliate niche)

The point of the conversation is to create an environment where your prospects will openly tell you what their biggest struggle is. Often, after asking those three questions, you will be able to uncover exactly where you believe their biggest struggle lies.

Please note — at this stage, don’t suddenly just rush into giving them an affiliate link, instead, continue to share your journey in online marketing (or whatever niche you are in), share your motivations,

your own struggles, find out about them, their life, their goals etc

If you feel comfortable and confident in giving value to the person — in the form of a response back to what they are struggling with (without mentioning the affiliate product you are promoting), then do it! It will really help you to share wisdom and knowledge.

Phase 4 — The Drop

At this point, you may then recommend them a product that is designed to benefit their life.

If you have conducted the last few phases correctly, you will have shown yourself as a real human being, who has created an environment of trust with your audience, who has shared value/content with them to help them with their specific struggles.

This is now the time to recommend them, your affiliate product.

“I have something for you that i think you will get a ton of benefit out of, especially if you are currently struggling with (list believed struggles), do you want me to share the link for it?”

Phase 5 — The Follow Up

Some people will purchase your affiliate product on first looking at it, but many won’t — that is fine.

This is where you need to follow up with your prospects to ensure that they get further value out of you, and see your affiliate product offer more frequently.

When you have your own group, you can create exclusive content for those people in the group, every single day.

When you have them on your messenger, you always have that 1 on 1 connection with them.

The follow up is the key here.

That is the 5 Phase Process of FB Organic Traffic!

Short, simple and very effective.


Having a traffic strategy in place is AWESOME. Seriously it is, but it is one of only four things that you need to learn and master as an Affiliate Marketer in today’s online world to set yourself up for success in the right way.

I struggled since August 2021 and it wasn’t until I got razor sharp clarity in the four core areas of focus, so it made complete sense to me, that my results shifted.

So I urge you to not overlook them, here is my number one recommendation to get razor sharp clarity in your online affiliate marketing business. A must read book by my mentor Dean Holland. It’s called “The Iceberg Effect” and it’s free.

Lastly, I must let you know, if you are struggling with anything in your Affiliate Marketing business, then reach out to me and be humble/open about your situation.

No more struggling. No more shiny objects to distract you. No more overwhelm or confusion.

I am here to help you grow your business.

Here is to your success!

David M Jones

CEO: Global Digital Affiliate Marketing




Hi, I am David Jones from the UK. I am CEO of Global Digital Affiliate Marketing and a certified partner of Internet Profits, also a UK based company.

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David Jones

David Jones

Hi, I am David Jones from the UK. I am CEO of Global Digital Affiliate Marketing and a certified partner of Internet Profits, also a UK based company.

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